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ANC STOCK INVESTMENT LTD was established in 2016 to grow and bring wealth to the masses through investment and to contribute in the developing and building of startups within our communities while solving some of the challenging problems faced by our client. In a short amount of time, we have established an overseas investment system that enables direct asset management from the stock exchange market right down to our communities as we hold investments of different vehicles in our portfolio that have been able to take us to this point.

During times of both crises and calm, ANC Stock Investment Ltd has stayed committed to its principles of long-term, diversified investing and to performing better. With over 38 Million CFA in assets under management as of the end of 2018, we stand today alongside some top investment trust in Cameroon with a fast growth rate.

We will go forward the way we always have - pursuing sustainable higher returns and strengthening risk management in the face of global market volatility as per the start market and to our communities as we have taken upon our self to invest more into Startups with scalable products through our Seed Accelerator Program.

We also remain committed to supporting the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in African as well as the we will stand to meet the need of our investors as we work to bring well to them through investments. We will expand joint investments with domestic institutional investors and increase cooperation with more companies to stand the face of the global market in various areas, to strengthen the foundation for mutual growth.

Each of us at ANC Stock Investment Ltd is proud to be part of the Mutual and Entrepreneurship funds as we work hand to hand with our investors to grow. We are also aware of the responsibility that comes with this. Through leading the growth of the investment industry in our zoon, we vow to contribute to the overall growth of all our investors as per their investment goals and in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as per financing and business building.

I hereby ask for your continues support as we strive to become one of the leading investment trust in Cameroon.

Thank you.

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“Our main activity is to buy, hold, sell and manage securities for investment purposes in order to maximize returns on investment.” Ambe Nickson Che, CEO
Ambe Nickson Che