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We at ANC Stock Investments LTD believe in collaborating effectively with our partners to meet the fast changing needs of our customers in this dynamic environment.

Partnering with us

ANC Stock investments LTD leverages its strong relationships with some of the most prestigious financial institutions in Cameroon. We employ unique resources to help drive business innovation and form a trusted foundation for strategic decision making, increased agility, and long-term competitive advantage both for our customers and partners.

Name of entity Country of Incorporation Effective Ownership Principal Activities
ANC Limited LLC CM 100% Property Investment and Development
ANC Owners Association Management LLC CM 100% Owners Association Management
 Joint Ventures      
Ecobank CM 50% Financial management
Credt Union LLC CM 50% Financial management
Aninco media CM 22.72%  Design & marketing
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“Our main activity is to buy, hold, sell and manage securities for investment purposes in order to maximize returns on investment.” Ambe Nickson Che, CEO
Ambe Nickson Che