Anc official Pattern

Vision, Mission, Values


To bring wealth to the masses through investment and innovative with the most diversified investment portfolio and the most trusted investment trust in Cameroon and in the emerging markets

In achieving this vision, the company will be both Investment-centric in diversification and innovation-driven


We exist to serve our investors by:

  • Bridging financial complexities.
  • Aligning vital resources to provide solutions to societal problems.
  • Providing creative solutions through investment.
  • Building trust and confidence within the investment and financial world.
  • Freeing investors to enjoy their lives with dividend from investment.



The Company believes in profit with honor and upholds good governance and the highest moral standards..

Passion for Success

As the Company strives for excellence, it will remain proactive and entrepreneurial, as it pursues its projects with a sense of urgency and total dedication to results.


The cornerstone of the Company’s investment framework is its ability to see and seize opportunity and introduce future initiatives for its portfolio companies with the end in view of improving overall value of these companies.


The Company is keen in promoting collaborative partnership with its subsidiaries and views itself as an integral extension of their respective businesses.

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“Our main activity is to buy, hold, sell and manage securities for investment purposes in order to maximize returns on investment.” Ambe Nickson Che, CEO
Ambe Nickson Che