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Careers at ANC Stock Investment Ltd

At ANC Stock Investment Ltd we offer you a well-defined career path in the Investment and financial services sector, with ample opportunities to think, explore, learn and grow. Additionally, we give you the flexibility of moving within the Group across diverse business domains from our portfolio

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What we look for in candidates.

To meet the organizational goal, we are looking for motivated individuals who can work in a team.

An optimistic and confident individual with an ability to facilitate change Harbinger of Innovations Passionate, enthusiastic and ethical at work

Has excellent quantitative, analytical and communication skills Having a deep-rooted understanding and knowledge of towards Investment and the financial markets.

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Success Stories:

We, at ANC Stock Investment ltd have always believed in our employees being our biggest assets. Through a culture a continuous experiential learning, we develop our employees to take up the highest positions in the organization. Our complete trust in the abilities of our best talent has helped us grow from strength to strength as an organization, while simultaneously helping the employees grow.

 ANC Stock Investment ltd has numerous such success stories of employees that started at the bottom and have grown to hold top posts in the company. These employees are testament to the fact that ANC Stock Investment Ltd is committed to providing well-rounded career growth.

Our Culture

Every employee bears testimony to the fact that a commitment to people benefits and highest standards of customer satisfaction distinguish us from our peers.

As such, ANC Stock Investment ltd  believes that a motivated work force defines the growth potential of an organization and we recognize and reward work inputs of personnel not only by way of promotions, whopping bonuses and awards but through a variety of vehicles.

Management and senior leadership publicly laud every deal through congratulatory emails. This has resulted in creating an official atmosphere abuzz with the feeling of success. Team efforts are also appreciated by the CEO through mails when good client ratings and customer reviews are received.

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