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This sounds a little extreme, you may think. But this is the simple truth. For over 5 years trading and mentoring, we have come to realize that a trader is one who can effectively master a strategy and execute it on the charts with precision and detail.

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Ambe Nickson Che

Meet Ambe Nickson Che, Founder/ MD of ANC Stock Investment Ltd. Venture capital investor with 4 years + and 5 years + in Fund management, Forex and Stock Trading. International partner to the WBAF in Cameroon,

Director of the ANC Startup Accelerator program, the lone Startup Accelerator program in Cameroon.

Trading is not necessarily a linear equation, where you put two and two together to always get X. it’s a strategic way of thinking and executing based on market behavior which is different things at different contexts.

On the 19th of March 2021 we bring to you four (4) days online and four (4) days onsite flexible and intensive forex trading training. Let us expose the 85% winning trades strategy at a 1:3 risk to reward ratio which we have used to build a pool of investors and the largest growing FOREX community in Cameroon so far.

You will have the opportunity to be mentioned by the award winning MAM Master with a 86% rate Wining trades over 6 years.

The Journey:

Take this chance to learn from us, because we have shown by our results. So much noise on forex exists out there, but very few actually know the exact aspects of the market you have to focus on it in order to be profitable, still the few that know are usually not willing to share. In our live trading sessions, with your $1000 account let us lead towards a daily consistent target of $100 a day. And with a $500 Account we stand on a $50 profit per day. 

If you keep asking what if, you will keep passing over opportunities repeatedly. Don’t just learn forex, learn strategic forex with ANC Stock investment Ltd. Click on the registration link, register and lets look forward to creating a better tomorrow in financial growth and security.

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The lead trainer Mr. Ambe Nickson Che is a certified Multi Accounts Manager, with over 5 years of Trading experience and the Managing Director of ANC Stock Investment ltd.

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He has organized more than a hundred trainings over his trading career both corporate and personal one on one coaching. This experience has equipped him with the ability to break down complicated market jargons and enabled him to develop a successful trading strategy which he is dedicated to sharing in this high-end trading workshop.

80% of our trainees who gain maximum benefit from our training are those who opened their live accounts during the course of the training program. The reason is simple, knowledge is more effective when you receive it to use it right away. Be ready to fund your account and let us show you how to grow as a trader.

Learning how to trade is very different from learning any other skill. While improving your knowledge base is important you also have to train your psychology and emotions. Without at least a minimum real live account you are only getting less than half the training.

Anc Forex Training Banner
Follow the registration link below to secure your seat. For both online and onsite fees 250,000CFA

For online only 75,000 CFA

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In our live trading sessions, with your $1000 account let us lead towards a daily consistent target of $100 a day. And with a $500 Account we stand on a $50 profit per day.

NB: We shall walk on a step by step to opening you a live trading account with a Trusted Broker we have been using for the past Six Years.
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Our trading works across every session and we teach you the different market trading strategies at every point in time. Well turn you into winner.

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Trading involves the possibility of financial loss. Only trade with money that you are prepared to lose, you must recognize that for factors outside your control you may lose all of the money in your trading account.

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