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How does forex trading work?

It is essentially the process of buying and selling currencies in order to make a profit. The price of one currency is linked to the price of another currency in a trade, so you will always work with two currencies at a time.
The base currency is the first currency appearing in a currency pair quotation, followed the quote currency. The difference in price between the currencies is where your profit, or loss sits.

Securing your first-round of capital
How to start Forex trading

Look for a regulated broker that has at least a 5 year track record. If your broker abides by regulatory rules, then you can be sure that they are legitimate. Once you have an active account you can trade but you will be required to make a deposit to cover the costs of your trades. This is called a margin account.
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Learn forex trading

Learning about forex trading is the first step any successful trader takes. There are many different types of learning materials available to traders-from beginners to advanced.
There are many forex tools available to traders such as margin calculators, pip calculators, profit calculators, economic trading calendars, trading signals and foreign exchange currency converters.